Casinos are built to be exciting, flashy, and energetic. They’re places where people can let their hair down, sip on a drink and try their luck at games from poker to roulette to slot machines. There’s always a sense of anticipation when you play these games and a rush when your luck finally does turn around.

But there’s more to casinos than gambling and entertainment. They can also be perfect venues for events and group business. And that means your marketing needs to reach these prospective customers as well.

For a long time, marketers focused on demographic information as the key to understanding their audience’s behaviors and motivations. But it’s not enough to know that your audience is in their 30’s, college-educated, and high-income. You need to understand what their pain points are and what they’re looking for from your casino.

Few movies have done a better job of portraying Sin City than Paul Verhoeven’s 1995 classic Casino. Robert De Niro’s performance as sly mobster Ace Rothstein is electrifying, but Sharon Stone’s fiery performance as Ginger McKenna is just as memorable. Her ability to seduce and manipulate men (not to mention their wallets) makes her a force to be reckoned with. And her dynamic with the always-reliable Joe Pesci as Santoro adds an extra layer of intrigue to this movie that is all about Vegas.