Stele 4: The stelea in front of Enda Eyesus
As its number indicates, this beautiful stele ranks fourth for its dimensions and lies shattered in several pieces very close to the main gate of the Enda Yesus Church compound. The monolith had total length of 19m and a base cross – section of 1.54m by 0.76m. It is carved on all sides, though no longitudinal recesses are present. Its elaborate design represents a palace with six storyes: The ground floor with one door carved on the front and another on the back; one story with small windows; and four with a similar pair of windows. Each floor is separated by a double row of monkey-heads, the only exception being a single row between the ground and first floor. The shape of the top differs from all stelae mentioned above and can be described as a double head, each almost the mirror image of the other, with a circular inset surface for a metal plaque. The fragment just below the apex was considered missing until 1937, when it was identified as the fragment called Stele of the Lances after the two lances carved on it. The fragment can be seen as a spoil inside the inner compound of Enda Maryam Tsion Cathedral on the top of the wall to the left of the main stairways leading to the church, while the apex is at Ezana Park. The most impressive part of the stele is the front base-plate, very well preserved and beautifully decorated. The German archaeologists who studied the area in 1906 considered it the ‘most ornate of its kind in Aksum’. The base–plate consists of a massive stone slab 5.1m long, 1.3m wide, and 0.30m thick, on which three shallows pottery cup-like holes are finely and realistically carved on the lower level, and one on the raised central area.

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