Romanat  and Chele’Anqua falls    

Romanat Fall
            The fall that creates a natural swimming pool deep in to its gorge is located 8km north west of Mekelle. The cold water in the swimming pool flourishes new life in the dry season. Inda Michael Church in Romanat is also a worth visiting church which has many thick indigenous trees in its compound. One can enjoy the songs of various bird species in the church compound. The Romanat fall is drawing the attention of many city residents and tourists in the weekends. It is a wonderful place to be visited in group with friends, family or staff members and so forth.
Chele’Anqua falls
       This fascinating fall is located near the small village of Debri, 6km south west of Mekelle.The Debri can be reached from different pathways that diverge from the city: from Hawlti monument and from Adi-Hawsi settlement. After passing a flat agricultural land locally known as “Maida Debri” one can visit the village which is the major supplier of guava fruit to Mekelle. Cruising like a missile the water falls some 300 meters deep into a gorge. The dangling cliff is made of huge black basalt rock and seems wisely curved to fit with the water and create a graceful view. While hitting the basalt rocks deep in the gorge, the water creates a smoke and sprinkles the dew. This creates an impressive feeling for visitors. With all its eye-catching cliffs, the Chele’Anqua fall is an amazing tourist attracting site within a short distance from the city. The cliff and the rocks are worth visiting especially for those who admire hiking.