Addi  Abona Archeological site
Addi Abona is an Aksumite archaeological site located some 10kms away from the Mekelle-Addis Ababa main road that turns off to east before the small town of Hewane. It is most famously known as Maryam Nazere because of the church dedicated to Saint Mary and its traditional relations with Nazareth. For archaeologists, the site has been considered as the western end of the Aksumite civilization. This interesting but unexplored site contains a magnificent big church building constructed on the top of an Aksumite foundation. The architectural design of this church is so unusual and forces some visitors to relate it with Iranian architectural style. There are also several pillars to the west of the building demonstrating that the church could have been originally much larger than the presently preserved building. The surface of the church yard and the immediate surroundings are littered with pottery ranging in date from classical Aksumite to modern times. In addition to red, orange and black ware potteries, the archaeological data also include lithic knapped from obsidian and charts and even some grinding stones.

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