The drive through the Gheralta cluster is fantastic, particularly between the villages of Dugem and Megab, with stratified mountains and sharp peaks rising like Aksumite stelae from the plains. This range, which rises abruptly almost perpendicularly above the Hawzien plain offers some of the most spectacular views in Tigrai. George Grester, the Swiss photographer, in the book “churches in rock’ writes, “ Gheralta with its ‘western film’ scenery of mountains seems to be a kind of Ethiopia Arizona”.  Trevor Cole, one of the European tourists to visit the site, in his part gives account of his visit:
“I have been to the area three times and as a reflection of the beauty of the area, the unique churches and the inimitable service in the lodge I would have no hesitation in going back time and again.”
How nature is generous, wonderful, merciful, mysterious and beautiful is witnessed at the scenic beauty of the Gheralta Mountains.

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