Ashenda is a unique Tigraian traditional festival which takes place in August to mark the ending of fasting called “ filseta ”.


Meskel has been celebrated in the country for over 1600 years. The word actually means ‘crosses in Ge’ez, the classic language of Ethiopia, now used predominantly in the Ethiopian Orthodox church


This falls on the 12th July and commemorates the flogging of the disciples. Traditionally boys make long whips and crack them as loud as often they like. This goes on for about a week


Axum is considered the best place to be on Timkat


Who We Are

Our Vision

To make Tigrai’s a home of well-developed cultural and historical heritage, ensuring satisfied customers and beneficiary communities in 2020.

Our Mission

To create well-organized involvement of local community, government and non-governmental organizations for sustainable preservation, development, and promotion of historical, cultural and natural heritages of Tigrai, as well as serving efficient and effective service so that the social and economic benefits occur in improvement living standard of the community.


Tigrai culture and Tourism Bureau (TCTB) is the leading public entity in charge of supporting the development of tourism in the region.

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What Clients Say

A journey to remember but not for the faint-hearted!! Precipitous drops, no barriers (Abune Yemaeta)

UnKnown Visiter

I was thinking that I would visit a small museum like any other in the area but something was absolutely different. I found hundreds of things, artifacts, and archaeological findings

UnKnown Visiter

The only reason to visit Axum has to be the stelae fields. These fascinating columns look like they were erected by giants.

UnKnown Visiter

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